Test and Tag

A systematic program of test and tag is the best method of identifying dangerous electrical appliances. A visual check of the item to be tested is performed to ensure there are no cracks in the casing or nicks in the leads or equipment and that the equipment is in good condition and is safe to test.

The physical tests are then performed on our Portable Appliance Tester System (PATS). If the item being tested passes both the visual and physical test, the tester automatically prints a durable, no-reusable tag showing a unique barcofde number and retest date. This tag is then attached to the item. Prior to testing any portable appliances our technician will perform an earth fault loop impedance (EFLI) test on the power point we use to power our Portable Appliance Tester. A faulty power point can result in a false pass result on the tester and can potentially mean an unsafe situation for employers/employees.

At BWR Test & Tag, here’s what you can expect.

BWR Test & Tag provide a holistic approach to assisting our clients comply with their safety obligations.

We are able to:

Test & Tag portable electrical appliances and leads

Test & Tag safety switches – Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

Provide detailed reports in numerous formats

Perform microwave radiation and power output tests

Ensure your Emergency Lighting is working in compliance with Australian legislative requirements

Perform Earth Fault Loop Impedance (EFLI) tests on your power points

Maintain and provide smoke alarms (extra low voltage)

Provide a programmed globe replacement regime

Provide a programmed First Aid Kit re-stock and replacement regime

Maintenance, inspect5ion and supply of portable fire equipment including fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels

3-Phase Leakage

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