247 Service Support Desk and Monitoring

BWR Technologies has a dedicated Network Operations Centre which is your eyes and ears. We constantly keep clients updated on ETA's, SLA's, progress and logging up to every 15 mins if required, coordinating, keeping all communication channels open via conferencing and notifications, ensuring our clients receive premium live support and service information.

If your business is on a maintenance No Worries plan you have full access to these services.

Every day we meet Australian businesses dealing with the headache of managing their own wide area network. Imperfect networks that have grown with their business without a clear plan.

Most businesses struggle with a variety of different providers, technologies and equipment. All of which is time consuming and costs money.

Complicated and patched together networks also make it very difficult to streamline communication and collaboration between your offices and staff

Every month BWR helps hundreds of businesses solve this problem by moving to one of our fully managed, individually tailored network solutions.

It all starts with a conversation with you and your team before we determine how best to connect your locations. We’ll assess your business requirements at each location and advise how to provide redundancy to those mission critical sites.

We have the scale to deploy a huge variety of services in a bespoke solution that precisely fits your requirements. And as one of Australia’s largest data providers, we have the scale to do this quickly and at market leading rates.

247 Operations and Support Service Desk

True247 365 Days Operations

Qualified and Highly Experience Service Desk Agents

Cloud based Customised ITSM Solutions

Advanced ServiceDesk Technology and Management

Advanced Communications and Coordination

Live and Constant Communications

Logistics and Live Tracking

Our SSD is monitored 24/7/365!

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