Virtual PBX is a hosted business phone system which delivers the features and capabilities of an office telephone system without requiring on-premise PBX equipment. This means you can reduce cost and complexity, while providing business-grade call capability throughout your business.

How does Virtual PBX work?

Built on uniquely flexible and scalable server infrastructure, your organisation receives a number of phone lines which are managed as a private phone system.

Virtual PBX gives you more control. You can add or remove lines as needed. You can also add or remove users and adjust your Virtual PBX settings via the online management portal.

It's easy to setup, grow or relocate your office using Virtual PBX. Simply plug compatible handsets (or softphone terminals) into the internet, and they'll automatically link to your organisation's phone system. So you can start making and receiving calls without the hassle of IT configuration.

 Virtual PBX hosted business phone system

Virtual PBX is a hosted phone system that gives you multiple phone lines and handy features, without the headache of an on-site PBX. Contact BWR to learn how it works and for a complete Demo.
◾Includes Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups and more.
◾Home offices? Regional branches? Connect multiple work sites with ease.

With more functionality than a mobile phone and more flexibility than a traditional fixed line, Virtual PBX is the trusted choice of growing businesses.



Make and receive calls more professionally


The Virtual PBX phone system includes an Auto Attendant feature | MyNetFone    Virtual PBX includes Voicemail-to-Email    Virtual PBX includes Hunt Groups

Auto Attendant


Auto attendant (Auto Receptionist) lets even the smallest business present like a big company. Greet customers with menu options ('Press 1 for Sales...') and transfer calls accordingly. 




Voicemail-to-Email enables your business to listen to voicemail when outside the office. Your business voicemails are delivered as .WAV (Windows Audio) files, attached to an email alert.


Hunt Groups


Hunt Groups (Line Hunt) helps you manage high call volumes by triggering multiple phones to ring, simultaneously or in a sequence you devise, each time a call comes in.



15 essential business features included for free


Business productivity   Advanced call routing   Customer experience

  • Voicemail-to-Email (as audio files)
  • Show caller ID for contacts
  • Call Hold, Transfer and Waiting
  • Internal dialling via Extensions
  • Call Park (and Call Pickup on any phone)
  • Hunt Groups
  • Divert calls to a mobile
  • Divert calls based on caller location 
  • Divert calls based on time of day
  • Follow Me (ring multiple numbers in succession)
  • Auto attendant
  • 'Never busy' phone line
  • Mailbox + customisable message
  • CLI Overstamping (branded caller ID)
  • Customisable Music on Hold
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