BWR NBN / Firbre Optic Internet

All Australian households will need to switch to the NBN as it is rolled out, suburb by suburb, and the old system is switched off. The aim of the NBN is to give you access to next generation phone and internet services which are much faster, more reliable and more affordable.

How much faster
is the NBN? The NBN is a lot faster than ADSL.

For example, if you purchased a 2.0GB HD movie to download, then the difference in download time would be around:

NBN Speed Compare

What happens to my home phone line?

As NBN Co connects each suburb to the NBN they will also start the process of switching off the traditional phone network. You will receive plenty of notice from NBN Co about the date that the old phone system will be switched off in your area.

Before this date you will need to select your phone service. BWR NBN phone service is called ExeFone and comes bundled free with your data plan. It also gives you much cheaper call rates and a range of call packages for even greater savings.

NBN connection. How does it happen?

NBN Co lays cables in
your street

The NBN Co is laying cables, suburb by suburb, throughout Australia. The cables are optic fibre and deliver much faster internet speeds. Once NBN Co start laying cables in your area it may take 12 months until all streets are serviced and you can connect your home.

If you are in a fixed wireless area, NBN Co will erect a wireless base station to service your local area.

A utility box will be
installed your exterior wall

Before you can connect to the NBN a utility box will need to be fitted to the outside wall of your home.

NBN Co will do this for you at no cost and you don't need to be home for the installation.

If you are in a wireless area, NBN Co will also install a small wireless antenna on the roof or wall of your home.

The right Exetel NBN plan

BWR will help you choose the NBN plan that’s right for you

We have 3 download speeds and 3 monthly data allowances to select from.

Our plans start from just $39.99/mth up to an unlimited plan with 100/40Mbps speeds possible for $89.99/mth.

Every NBN plan comes with a free VOIP service and access to cheaper call rates.

Connection day

BWR will organise for NBN Co to make an appointment with you to install NBN connection boxes inside (and outside if required) your home.

The equipment will be fitted to a wall or location within your home. You’ll need to discuss and agree this with the NBN Co technician.

The NBN equipment is the same for all connections. Check out the video below for a 2-minute run-through of what happens on connection day.

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